Air-to-air heat pumps – what should I know?


Air-to-air heat pumps – what should I know?

An air-source heat pump is an environmentally friendly solution for heating a house or apartment by using energy from the outside air and electricity. As a reversible device, it not only allows efficient heating, but can also operate in cooling mode, thus providing savings in operation and high comfort of use.

Why choose to install an air-to-air heat pump?

The decision to invest in an air-source heat pump comes with numerous benefits – both economic and functional.

The most important advantages of air heat pumps are:

·        provide both energy-efficient heating in winter and efficient air conditioning in summer.

·        are an ideal replacement for old heating systems, allowing you to obtain an efficient and economical source of heat in your home and apartment.

·        are distinguished by their high energy efficiency class: A++ in cooling mode and A++ in heating mode, which directly translates into lower heating costs.

·        compared to air-to-water and ground-to-water heat pumps, are cheaper and simpler to install, and do not require additional ground drilling and drainage installation.

·        KAISAI heat pumps are powered by 75% energy extracted from the air and only 25% electricity, making them an ecological and economical solution for both houses and apartments.

Perfect solution for space heating in low outdoor temperatures.

Thanks to advanced technological solutions, the efficiency of air-to-air heat pumps remains high even at very low outdoor temperatures. KAISAI’s available line of KAISAI HOT and KAISAI PRO HEAT units, dedicated especially to the function of heating, is adapted for efficient and energy-efficient operation in heating mode at outdoor temperatures as low as -25 ° C.

What are the costs of an air-to-air heat pump?

Heat pumps contribute greatly to a significant reduction in the cost of operating a home. Also, purchase and installation costs are lower than for other heating systems. When choosing a heat source for your house or apartment, it is worth bearing in mind that the air-to-air pump mostly uses the energy contained in the outside air, and the high energy class of the device allows you to further reduce the level of electricity consumption, which makes the investment in an air-to-air heat pump prove to be very attractive economically.

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