Meet the brand KAISAI

The commercial product range of KAISAI is based on state-of-the-art and reliable products, which provide comfort, and meet the specific expectations, of the HVACR market, dedicated to both business customers and end users.

Through many years of investing in technology, equipment from KAISAI is considered to represent some of the most-innovative air-conditioning solutions applied in public-utility facilities and residential buildings.

The KAISAI’s portfolio includes equipment in the RAC (including standard wall-mounted air conditioners with a Wi-Fi function) and CAC segments (including Multi-Split, cassette, duct, and floor/ceiling air conditioners), as well as portable air conditioners, heat pumps, and air curtains.

Through many years of investment in technology, KAISAI equipment is considered to be some of the most-innovative air-conditioning solutions in public and residential buildings.


The inverter technology applied in air-conditioning units reduces power consumption, which further reduces the costs of room cooling. Moreover, the use of this technology has a positive impact on the quiet operation of the device, and its faster reaching of the desired temperature in the facility.

KAISAI products incorporate a range of comfort functions to enhance the units’ convenience in use, as well as additional options in the unit controls, thanks to which air-conditioning management has never been so simple.

By adding a WI-FI function as standard, we provide convenient control of the air-conditioning unit, using an app installed in a mobile device (phone or tablet). It is possible to control the device’s operating parameters round the clock, from anywhere in the world.

WiFi function

R32 refrigerant

Comfort functions

Inverter technology

All KAISAI equipment meets expectations in terms of ecology, safety, energy savings, quiet operation, comfort, and warranty.

We care for the environment

KAISAI equipment is environmentally friendly, as demonstrated by its energy efficiency, and compliance with the targets defined in the European 20/20/20 Action Plan, and with the guidelines concerning air conditioners in the Ecodesign Directive (ErP). The R32 refrigerant introduced into KAISAI air conditioners has a low propensity for producing the greenhouse effect, so has a positive impact on the environment, while meeting European legislative requirements. The modern filters applied in the AC units guarantee clean and fresh air in anair-conditioned rooms. The filters capture very-small dust particles, bacteria, fungi, and germs, leaving the air healthy and clean. The main advantage of the KAISAI range is its price accessibility, which, combined with its proven technology, makes it attractive for both commercial and individual customers.

Where to buy?

The KLIMA-THERM Company is the exclusive distributor of KAISAI equipment. The KLIMA-THERM Capital Group markets private-label products in the HVACR segment dedicated to both business and individual customers.

Solutions for increasing ENERGY EFFICIENCY are implemented in air-conditioning products, which makes it possible to save up to 80% of energy when using certain selected functions of the equipment.