KAISAI Heat Pumps Split R32 Arctic (KHA + KMK)

Product description

The new KAISAI Arctic heat pump series is characterised by its ability to operate in a very wide range of outdoor temperatures and also features a much quieter outdoor unit design. In addition to the possibility of connecting up to 16 units via MODBUS protocol, the Arctic series also allows you to connect up to 6 units in a cascade system. The equipment is provided with a USB port for updating software and saving settings. The new ComfortHome application for tablets and phones allows you to remotely control supply and hot water temperatures, switch zones and control electricity consumption.

A compact design, an independent internal unit, and flexible installation make the Eco Home – Split Heat Pump (KHA+KMK) the ideal choice for owners of homes, shops, offices and service premises. All the hydraulic components are easily accessible. The refrigerating connection between the outdoor and indoor units is resistant to freezing, even during a prolonged power failure, and an additional charge of refrigerant is only required if the length of the refrigerant lines exceeds 15 m.


  • 6 operation modes: Heating / Cooling / DHW / Heating + DHW / Cooling + DHW / AUTO
  • Wireless WiFi operation
  • Modbus RTU protocol
  • Compact design (complete hydraulic module for central heating operation)
  • Advanced controller in the indoor unit
  • Addtional electric heater
  • Anti-corrosive fin coating

Technical data

  • Nominal capacity (heating): 6 / 8 / 10 / 12 / 14 / 16 kW
  • Heating capacity of heater: 3 / 6 / 9 kW
  • Refrigerant R32
  • Energy rate (heating): A+++/A++
  • COP: up to 5,2
  • Water temperature – heating mode: 25~65°C
  • Water temperature – cooling mode: 5~35°C
  • Water temperature – DHW mode: 30~60°C
  • Outdoor temperature range – heating mode: -25~35°C
  • Outdoor temperature range – cooling mode: -5~43°C
  • Outdoor temperature range – DHW mode: -25~43°C