Product description

KAISAI three-phase photovoltaic inverters are a series of devices with the highest technical parameters, providing efficient and quiet operation in all operating conditions. Flexible installation, compact size, aesthetic, and lightweight design allow for universal use in residential and commercial projects. State-of-the-art technology meets the high demands of the PV market, very low starting voltage allows the inverter to start working at low solar intensity, and high input power robustness allows PV panel expansion without changing the inverter.
KAISAI inverters are characterized by high European efficiency with a small difference between it and the maximum efficiency of the device of less than 1%.  Additional advantages are small size and weight with high performance, full certification and 10-year warranty for the product.


  • Very low starting voltage
  • Possibility to use a high-power photovoltaic panel
  • High efficiency
  • Small dimensions and lightweight device
  • Quiet operation
  • Full certification

Technical data

  • Starting voltage: from 160V
  • European efficiency: from 97.6%
  • Number of MPPT trackers: 2
  • Outdoor operating temperature: -25°C - 60°C
  • Protection class: IP65
  • Weight: from 16.3 kg
  • Dimensions: 455x390x160/175mm
  • Noise: <30dB
  • Display: LCD
  • Power consumption in standby mode: <0.2W
  • DC switch: built-in
  • Product warranty: 10 years

Files to download