KAISAI Slim duct air-conditioners (KTI)

Product description

Duct air conditioners are suitable for use in large objects. Their advantage is the ability to distribute air freely through ducts and diffusers in the entire room. The Slim series of duct air conditioners is characterized by a significant available static pressure – 160 Pa with low noise level.
The unit has a lower height than a standard duct unit, so that it can be installed in a small space in the suspended ceiling. Thanks to the use of modern technology, the air conditioner automatically adjusts the static pressure and maintains a constant flow of air.


  • Operating Mode: Auto, Cooling, Heating, Drying, Ventilation
  • Regulation of fan speed from a wired controller
  • Possibility of static pressure control
  • Two sided drainage water pipe connections
  • Air temperature sensor in the remote control

Technical data

  • Average nominal cooling capacity: 5,3 / 7,0 / 10,6 / 14,0 / 15,4 kW
  • Average nominal heating capacity: 5,6 / 7,6 / 11,1 / 16,1 / 18,2 kW
  • External static pressure (standard): 100 – 160 Pa
  • Possibility of supplying fresh air from the outside
  • DC Inverter technology
  • Anti-cold air supply control
  • Maximum refrigerant pipe lenght: 30 – 65 m
  • Maximum difference in levels: 20 – 30 m
  • Refrigerant R32
  • Energy rate A++/A+
  • Cooling operating temperature: –15~50°C
  • Heating operating temperature: –15~24°C

Files to download