Air conditioning

Photovoltaic modules

KAISAI photovoltaic modules with special cell design allow the electrode resistance to be decreased and a lower current to be achieved, thus improving the module efficiency. This reduces losses caused by partial shading and cell wear, while increasing the solar energy conversion capacity. High quality materials ensure optimum module operating conditions, and the advanced cell technology guarantees high resistance to PID. KAISAI solar modules are also characterised by resistance to wind and snow loads, high power output and the highest class of waterproofing of the junction box.  KAISAI photovoltaic modules are fully certified and receive long term warranty coverage, while their properties are adapted to European climatic conditions and legal regulations. 

Photovoltaic inverters

KAISAI inverters are a series of devices with the highest technical parameters, ensuring efficient operation in any conditions. Flexible installation, and a compact and lightweight aesthetic design enable general and flexible use in domestic and commercial projects. KAISAI inverters operate using proven quality microprocessor chips, allowing all the parameters of the photovoltaic system to be monitored and the optimal amount of energy to be extracted. KAISAI photovoltaic inverters are fully certified and are provided with a warranty covering many years, and their characteristics are tailored to European climate conditions and legal regulations.