Air conditioning

Wall-mounted air conditioners

The compact dimensions of the wall-mounted units provide an elegant appearance and comfort of use, combined with high efficiency and simple installation. The range of appliances allows them to be adapted to various types of interiors - for use at home, in offices and in commercial premises. Wall-mounted KAISAI air conditioners are energy-efficient and easy-to-use units that require little space and ensure the ideal room temperature in a very short time. All wall-mounted KAISAI air conditioners use the environmentally friendly R32 refrigerant, and standard accessories include the Wi-Fi function to control the unit using mobile devices. A number of practical functions ensuring optimal adjustment of the device to the needs of the user and a high level of comfort are available, depending on the model.

Multi-split systems

KAISAI multi-split systems are recommended for facilities that require air conditioning in multiple spaces - homes, offices and commercial premises. The system design allows the installation of 2 to 5 indoor units connected to a single cooling unit, with each of the indoor units operating individually and being able to independently adjust the temperature and the power to the needs of the users. The KAISAI portfolio includes a range of units able to operate in a multi-split system - wall-mounted air conditioners, cassette and duct air conditioners, which provides flexibility of equipment selection, depending on the parameters of the rooms and the requirements of users. Multi-split air conditioning is the ideal solution everywhere, where optimal air quality is required at all times and the available space does not allow for the installation of several standard units.

Floor- and ceiling-mounted air conditioners

KAISAI floor- and ceiling-mounted air conditioners are ideal for commercial buildings, and the flexible choice of installation location allows their use in rooms without false ceilings. The indoor unit may be floor-mounted, on a wall or fixed to the ceiling, depending on the needs of the users. The long range of the stream of supplied air is an advantage of this type of air conditioners, allowing air to reach the farthest corners of the room, together with movable vertical and horizontal louvres, which enable even air distribution. In addition to cooling and heating, the air conditioner can also supply fresh ambient air. 

Cassette air conditioners

KAISAI cassette air conditioners are ideal for rooms with false ceilings in offices, meeting rooms and commercial premises requiring efficient air conditioning. The aesthetically pleasant intake panel blends in perfectly with most typical false ceilings, making it barely noticeable to users.  Thanks to the 360-degree air intake, air is distributed evenly throughout the air-conditioned room without creating unpleasant, cold blasts. These units offer the option of supplying fresh outside air, thanks to which they act not only as air conditioning, but also as a ventilation system. The user can control the appliance using a wireless remote control and optionally with a wall-mounted or a Wi-Fi controller.

Ducted air conditioners

Thanks to a design allowing the appliance to be discreetly hidden under the ceiling, KAISAI ducted air conditioners fit perfectly into the décor of any interior without affecting its aesthetics. Their advantage lies in the ability to freely distribute air through the ducts and air intakes in the entire false ceiling space. KAISAI ducted air conditioners are characterised by significant available compression, at the same time maintaining low noise emission levels. The unit is characterised by its height, which is lower than in standard appliances, enabling installation even in a small false ceiling space. Thanks to the use of the state-of-the-art technology, the air conditioner automatically adjusts the static pressure and maintains a constant airflow.

Floor air conditioners

Floor air conditioners are used in large areas, such as shops, showrooms, restaurants and airport halls. They work particularly well at sites where the installation of an air conditioner in a false ceiling or under the ceiling is impossible. This class of devices is characterised by the long range of the supply air stream, reaching the most distant parts of the air-conditioned room. A selection of the operating modes and functions of the device, its intuitive control panel and a multifunctional remote control ensure comfortable operation. KAISAI floor air conditioners operate using the environmentally friendly R32 refrigerant, and thus have a positive impact on their energy efficiency and performance.

Portable air conditioners

KAISAI portable air conditioners are used in rooms, where installation of split-type air conditioning is impossible. They match the décor of home and office spaces thanks to their modern design. Mobile air conditioning is the ideal solution for rooms with small spaces and heat loads, where relocation is required or where use of stationary air conditioning is impossible. KAISAI portable air conditioners are lightweight compact appliances, easily portable, allowing the user to find relief on hot days without the need for any assembly work. Convenient operation is ensured thanks to the selection of operating modes and functions and thanks to a practical wireless controller.

Condensing units

The task of the condensing unit is to supply heating or cooling energy to the heat exchanger of the air conditioner, thanks to which the appliance is able to maintain the desired air parameters in the air-conditioned room. Inverter-type condensing units are equipped with an additional control module, enabling a universal outdoor unit to be connected to any Freon exchanger. This module provides continuous capacity adjustment of the unit, depending on the 0-10 V control signal. The condensing units are equipped with a complete, automatic system protecting against system overload and against the influence of unfavourable weather conditions, and to enable defrosting in the heating mode. These units operate efficiently and quietly and can be installed up to 75 m away from the air conditioning unit thanks to their modern design.